BioHyal- Phytoceutical Beauty Filler

分子醫學美容- 全效有機抗皺療程  

An Innovative anti-aging complex of high, low and very low molecular weight hyaluronic acid.  This blend gives skin a moisturizing protection, preventing skin from drying. While improving the skin’s strength to defend external damage, it also improves elasticity that brings the skin the look of plumping.

Thanks to its high performance hydration effect, BioHyal is the must-have skin partner that no skin can do without it.

Target: All skin types. Specific for mature skin in presence of wrinkles, devitalized, sensitive skin due to dehydration

Functional Ingredients: Phylcare Aquae, Hyaluronic Acids blend, Blood Orange Fruit extract, Hydroxyproline, Ascorbic Acid, Spirulina Maxima Extract

針對:  缺水過敏, 色素暗啞, 鬆弛缺彈性, 成熟皺紋的肌膚

全效補水, 猶如真皮填充, 令肌膚水潤, 飽滿, 回復青春光采


Home Care

BioHyal Cream (50ml)

BioHyal Eye Cream (15ml)

BioHyal Serum (50ml)