BioMatrix Collagen Fiber Face & Full Eye Mask - Highly Pure Ingredients. Highly Effective.

Manufactured from native, insoluble collagen fibers and produced by the gentle process of freeze-drying, BioMatrix collagen fiber mask is a fine-pored, velvety mask for use in skincare treatment. It is scent-free with excellent modeling properties. The biomatrix stores 30 times its own weight in moisture and, thus offers outstanding hydrating properties. After only one application, the skin feels fresher and softer. The wrinkle profile is noticeably improved.

Thanks to its extreme purity, BioMatrix collagen fiber mask is ideal for every skin type and condition. Its comprehensive assortment tailored for various skin problems, especially dry, sensitive, mature and atrophied skin. It contains neither preservatives, chemical cross-linking agents nor perfume additives.


BioMatrix – Specific Care Ampoules

These French formulated and manufactured treatment serum are made to target different types of skin problems.  Whatever the goal of your treatment, BioMatrix Specific Care Ampoules offers you solutions.  Thanks to the resourceful and highly effective cosmetics ingredients, these specific ampoules are the best partner and complement to any protocol to achieve exceptional treatment benefits.