Silhouet Tone

Having been a market leader in the past 5 decades, Silhouet Tone has always made research and development a priority, aiming at delivering quality, reliability and cutting-edge technology which the beauty institutes and the medical-esthetic clinics comes to expect.

Silhouet-Tone’s history is marked by countless ground-breaking inventions.  She pays special attention to each and every detail and are always looking to innovate. Much like the specialized equipment, which integrates the latest in non-invasive age management solutions, the furniture line also combines avant-garde design and exhaustive research, for uncompromising functionality and unparalleled visual appeal.

Silhouet-Tone is among the few companies in the industry to meet the international quality requirements ISO 9001 and ISO 13485. The European-made motors meet international electrical safety standards and are TUV or UL certified. They also comply with the European Union’s technical standards and are CE marked. In addition, Silhouet-Tone is a medical device establishment licensed by the Department of Health of the Government of Canada and manufactures medical devices certified by Health Canada.