BioFiller Super 8 Perfecting Cream (50ml)

BioFiller Super 8 Perfecting Cream (50ml)



Highly concentrated special luxurious cream composed of 8 types of Hyaluronic Acid which work together with special natural vegetal ingredients in 6 Synchro Synergies for an immediate re-compacting effect. This needle-free filler effectively moisturizes, redensifies, and protects skins with signs of wrinkles, sagging facial features and loss of volume.

Best combination with Super 8 Perfecting Serum

嶄新標靶科技, 配合8種 ‘層叠式’ 透明質酸 ,  高濃度渗入皮膚; 仿如無針填充,有效填補皮膚水份及需要承托的部位, 優化肌膚質素及面部輪廓。

配合 Super8 Perfecting Serum 使用,效果更佳。

Vendor VBS-RA