BioFiller Super 8 Perfecting Serum (50ml)

BioFiller Super 8 Perfecting Serum (50ml)



A super gel composed of 8 types of Hyaluronic Acid, works together with a special peptide plus vegetal boosters in 6 Synchro Synergies for an immediate re-compacting effect. Like a needle free filler, this serum helps perfecting the skin tone, strengthening  the skin moisture barrier and defensing the skin against environmental stresses. Thanks to this high technology, the skin regains healthy and youthful looking.

A perfect combination with Super 8 Perfecting Cream.

嶄新標靶科技, 配合8種 ‘層叠式’ 透明質酸 ,  高濃度渗入皮膚; 仿如無針填充, 有效填補皮膚需要水份及承托力, 增強皮膚抵禦機能, 優化輪廓

配合 Super 8 Perfecting Cream, 效果更佳。

Vendor VBS-RA