BioFiller Super 8 Perfecting Treatment

BioFiller Super 8 Perfecting Treatment



A needle-free Filler effect face program enriched with 8 superstar Hyaluronic Acids. The different molecule weights of Hyaluronic acids work in perfect harmony to sustain a long lasting effect.  Its six unique synchro synergy fulfills the skin in need for repulping, strength of defense, hydration and remodelling. Leaves skin healthy and youthful .


All skin types, especially deyhdrated, dull, mature, sagging and skin with loss of volume, fine lines and wrinkles

Functional ingredients:

8 types of HA of different molecule weight, Biomemetic Lipopetide, Calcium Keto Gluconate, Seaweed Extract


無創無針, 8 種透明質酸的鏈結協同科技, 發揮6個同步效能,提升緊緻肌膚,改善紋理, 豐盈輪廓,澄白暗啞膚色,重拾肌膚彈力,締造充盈水光感。