BioRepair Extra- An Age Reversal Innovation


With 19 years of research behind a pool of innovative ingredients, BioRepair Extra is a revolutionary solution for the problem of skin imperfection. Its exclusive formula of Longevity Complex effectively helps perfecting skin condition of ageing, post invasive treatment, environmental damage, pregnancy and weight loss.   Thanks to its Cell Longevity Complex, Skin Repair Complex and Anti-oxidant Complex, this package gives skin a healthy and youthful looking.

Target : All skin conditions, especially suitable for sensitive, hypersensitive skin and rosacea conditions. A perfect skincare after treatment of peeling, laser and cosmetic injections. 

Functional ingredients:  Lakesis, Organic Snail Extract, Organic Helix Aspersa Muller Extract, Organic Aloe Vera, BT High Coherence Water, Cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid, Organic Astaxanthin,  Mangostana Xanthones

針對: 成熟、脆弱敏感肌膚. 特別適用於醫美鐳射、填充注射及微創換膚等治療後作最佳修復護理.

具抗敏修復, 舒緩炎症, 調節肌膚天然淨化系統, 促進皮膚自癒能力, 補濕, 延緩衰老, 令肌膚重現青春氣息




Home Care

BioRepair Extra Concentrate (30ml)

BioRepair Extra Cream (50ml)