BioSupreme Ultimate Solution Master Cream  (50ml)

BioSupreme Ultimate Solution Master Cream (50ml)



A luxurious Global 24hr cream, providing skin to have precious and supreme nutrients.  Thanks to the innovative Ingredients which using the (“Diamond from the ground”) most precious White Truffle from famous Piedmont, Italy. It helps to recover skin’s loss of vitality and boosting up collagen, aiming to increase skin cell turnover and reducing wrinkles. High in Vitamin C and B12 to improve dark spots. Remarkable skin’s glowing and skin texture will be improved.

黃金比例360°全方位配方24小時面霜:嚴選 意大利著名皮埃蒙特地區, 最奢華珍罕之“地球鑽寶-白松露”配合植物藥粧品 精選配方: 青春活力修復複合物:務使達至觸手即化的奢華絲漾質地360°滲透肌底 滋養並強韌肌膚,於表皮和真皮細胞內頃注生命能量;肌膚呈現青春光采。見證肌膚脫變活力, 最佳動人時刻。

Vendor VBS-RA