Bioxygen - Gives Skin a perfect Yoga

Phytoceutical Oxygen Infusion Treatment to defer the pre-mature ageing  process


Thanks to the powerful 3 technologies: Biodynes TRF®, Argan Stem Cell® and Sepitonic M3® targeting to fight against the pre-mature ageing. It helps strengthening skin defense, enhancing nutrition absorption, supporting skin natural repairing process, giving skin a new look of youth, radiance, firmness.

Target: All skin types, special benefit to pre-mature ageing, dull and devitalized skin

Functional ingredients:

Argan Phytocell Tec, Sepitonic M3®, Biodynes TRF®,  Fucomplex, Spirulina Maxima, Echinacea extract,  Argan oil, Beta Glucan

三大科技突破: 組織呼吸因子, 摩洛哥堅果幹細胞, 抗糖老化配方, 針對肌膚衰老的源頭, 帶動珍貴有效成份的滲透, 令皮膚保持長效濕潤, 重建皮膚防護膜, 給予皮膚光澤, 均勻膚色, 平順紋理.


Home Care

BiOxygen Cream (50ml)

BiOxygen Eye Cream (15ml)

BiOxygen Serum (50ml)