PDC CAVIAR DAY Anti-Wrinkle Revitalising Cream (50ml)

PDC CAVIAR DAY Anti-Wrinkle Revitalising Cream (50ml)



The perfect partner to our Caviarissime Night Cream, this day cream is densely packed with ingredients essential to achieving the perfect moisture balance of the skin, and provide optimal protection against external irritants (i.e UV rays, pollution, temperature change) and sign of ageing.


注入肌膚需要的所有基本元素, 深入彈性膠原纖維,




Skin type: Dry, dehydrated skin with dull & uneven skin tone.


Key Ingredients: Caviar complex, marine collagen

How to use:

Apply every morning on clean face, alternating with Caviarissime Night Cream at night time as its complement.

Vendor VBS-IM