DERMAFILL Cream (200ml)

DERMAFILL Cream (200ml)



Moisturizing is, beyond the slightest shadow of a doubt, the fundamental criteria for the wellbeing of the skin and for the integral preservation of its intrinsic properties. Thanks to the Fucocomplex®, the extra soft Polysaccharide, that helps the skin to form a protective and moisturizing film on the skin.  Its prolonged hydrating effect helps soothing the sensitive skin due to dryness.

Target: Beneficial to dry, dehydrated and dull skin.  Can be used all over the body.

Functional ingredients: Glaucine, Soy Isoflavone, Polymer rich in Fucose

含天然左旋醣複合, 早晚可用的深層補水乳液, 能有效改善缺水肌膚, 重建水脂屏障, 令肌膚細胞再水漾飽滿, 彈性、緊緻、光澤重現.

Vendor VBS_RA