Hydra Eyes Cleansing Toner (125ml)

Hydra Eyes Cleansing Toner (125ml)



Thanks to the soothing and calming properties of chamomile, Hamamelis and Elder distilled water, this eye toner

restores the natural well-being look of the eyes, helps toning the eye contour, relaxing the appearance of small expression lines.  Leaves skin moisture and supple.

Apply to eye contour every day, morning and evening, with a cotton pad.  For soothing purpose, periodically leave cotton pad with generous eye toner on the eye contour for 15 minutes.

 Skin type: All skin type

Functional ingredients: Hyaluronic acid, distilled water from Chamomile, Hamamelis and Elder distilled water

照顧眼部肌膚,可以提升和舒緩疲勞眼睛。洋甘菊,金縷梅萃取和黑色漿果精華,有舒緩鎮靜功效。透明質酸可以提高眼周水份, 淡化纹理。

Vendor VBS-RA