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A visionary skincare founded by a visionary woman

In 1959, French cosmetologist Madame Ingrid Millet made the groundbreaking discovery that plant cellular extracts have a remarkable rejuvenating effect on the skin. She became the first to use them in cosmetics, as a mean of combating premature skin ageing. From the laboratories of INGRID MILLET came a revolutionary range of beauty creams. Her holistic approach to skin diagnosis, personalized beauty regime and home-use products was launched to an appreciative international clientele. In 1966, the first INGRID MILLET Institute was opened in the heart of Paris at 9 rue Royale, a stone throw from Place de la Concorde. Today, the newly renovated Ingrid Millet Institute still nestled in the middle of the famous “Galerie Royale”, providing tailor-made beauty solutions.

A quest for enhanced beauty

Continuing research led to the discovery in 1972 that the unique properties of caviar, a treat so precious it was once only consumed by royalty, also helps fight the ageing process. This led to the creation of a highly precious and effective ingredient, Caviar Complex, and the Perle de Caviar skincare range. Even now, Perle de Caviar still remains the greatest testament to INGRID MILLET's originality and strength - INGRID MILLET skincare products now exported to over 50 countries!

An elite heritage innovates for the future

By integrating marine biology and a deep knowledge of the skin to formulate her unique skincare products, Ingrid Millet has set new standards for the beauty industry. This tradition of pioneering research is one that INGRID MILLET proudly continues into the 21st century. Today, INGRID MILLET skincare, make-up and body care ranges provide a high-performance solution tailored to the needs of each woman, irrespective of their age or lifestyle.

"To improve the quality of life of people around the world by enhancing both their inner and outer well-being. "

Today, we vow to continue Madam Ingrid Millet's legacy by adhering to our mission by bringing our customers not only the most natural and nourishing products, but also a brand new holistically healthy life style to enhance both their inner and outer beauty.



For the past 50 years, we have endeavored to constantly deliver the best to our customers. We are proud that our efforts have been recognized over the past decades by a number of awards, which reflect the quality and the variety of the innovative treatments and products that we strive to bring to our clients.

  • Prix Officiel 1995, Paris
  • Oscar De La Beaute 1996, Paris
  • Prix Officiel 2004, Paris
  • Prix Officiel 2008, Paris
  • Oscar De La Beaute 2008, Paris
  • Victoire De La Beaute 2010-11, Paris
  • Marie Claire Best Label Award 2012-13
  • Marie Claire Best Label Award 2013-14
  • Marie Claire Best Label Award 2014-15
  • CAPITAL Best of the Best Choice for Executives 2015
  • iChoice Internet Popular Award 2015
  • Marie Claire Best Label Award 2015-16
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