PURE- An answer to Acne-prone Skin

Most acne products in the market are usually too dry or loaded with chemicals. Dehydrated acne skin is even more prone to over-secretion of oil to compensate the dryness. Moreover, the drying skin tends to shrink therefore causing debris exit from the pores more difficult. As a result, the acne condition gets worse.

Rosactive PURE collection is an innovative treatment based on natural and effective agents. It is not just a treatment for acne skin, but also for skin demanding a deep skin clear-up due to environmental pollutants, like smog, cigarette smoke and heavy metals etc.  It is also a nice treatment to unblock any skin clogging for better penetration of the nutrients. It gently cleans and exfoliates the acne-prone skin, removes the excessive oil secretion, soothes the redness,  hydrates and calms the irritated skin.

Functional ingredients: Vaccinium Myrtillus Extract, Glycolic Acid, Vitamin PP, Grapefruit seed extract,  Moringa Seed Extract, Echinacea extract, Aloe Leaf juice extract

市面上眾多暗瘡產品往往令皮膚出現乾燥缺水、發炎的情況;容易導致敏感, 甚至令皮膚留下印痕。

意大利 Rosactive 的『PURE 天然草本療法』,猶如一劑給皮膚清熱解毒的涼茶,務求能對付暗瘡之餘,更能改善皮膚質素,輕柔去除角賢、增加皮膚水份, 減少表面細菌滋生及舒緩發炎的情況, 跟暗瘡煩惱說”不”。


Home Care

Hydra PURE Camomile Paste (30 ml)

Hydra PURE Cleansing Toner (200 ml)

Hydra PURE Concentrated Fluid (10 ml)

Hydra PURE Oil Control Cream Gel (50 ml)

Hydra PURE Wash Gel (200 ml)