Bio Complex Sensitive Concentrate (30 ml)

Bio Complex Sensitive Concentrate (30 ml)



SOS concentrate – soothing & calming   the red & irritated skin. Protecting, moisturizing & improving skin brightness.

Key ingredients:   Echinacea Extract,  Camomille Extract, Pantenol, Bilberry Extract, Vitamin A Liposome, Hops Extract, Hyaluronic Acid

For all skin types. Particularly sensitive skin prone to irritations.

濃縮 SOS 原液, 針對脆弱、容易受刺激、泛紅的膚質。具鎮靜、舒敏及保濕功效。

主要成份: 紫錐花、洋甘菊精華、泛醇、覆盆子(越橘)精華、維生素 A , E 微脂囊、啤酒花精華、   透明質酸

適用於脆弱, 受剌激及敏感性肌膚