Hydra Sensitive Serum (30ml)

Hydra Sensitive Serum (30ml)



A soothing and calming serum ideal for the care of delicate skin. It prevents skin damage by dryness, leaving skin healthy and soft. A perfect combination to any sensitive cream.

Skin type: Delicate and Sensitive skin

Functional ingredients: Bisabolol, Bilberry extract, Horse Chestnut, Jojoba oil

蘊含抗敏、補濕成份,有效鎖住皮膚水份,舒緩肌膚,增強皮膚抵抗力,減少敏感,令皮膚更健康柔潤.  適合脆弱、 敏感性皮膚。

Vendor VBS-RA